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Are you planning for a Disneyland trip for the first time and are a bit overwhelmed with the thoughts about how to reach there, how to buy the tickets and what to expect from Disneyland? No worries. We are here to share with you our experience of the Disneyland trip in Paris which was Super Awesome.

Did you know there are six Disneylands around the word! These are located at California, Florida, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Anyway, the one we are talking about is the Disneyland Paris.

One thing to keep in mind is to plan everything in advance. Disneyland is huge and if you are planning a one day trip, it will be hard for you to see everything and you might miss on important stuff. So, it would be better to do some research and make a list of things that you don’t want to miss.

To book the tickets, we used the Disneyland app which is easily available on the app store. You can buy tickets for one day or multiple days. We bought one day tickets which costed €87.95 per person.  The app is easy to use and also has a map to help you with the directions.

To reach Disneyland, we had taken RER from Paris City to Marne-la-Vallee -Cheesy station. The cost for ticket was €9.97 per person. You have to make sure you purchase the right ticket because normal metro or RER ticket would not be valid to travel to Disneyland, as it is outside of the city.

Once you reach there, you will find two parks: (a) Disneyland park, where you find rides for kids, restaurants, shops and other pretty things, (b) Walt Disney studio, where you find scary grownups rides.

We decided to go to Disneyland park first.

Disneyland park

You will find a lot of enticing Disney themed food items. We bought an apple candy, that looked pretty but it was a normal apple covered in hard candy. And a mickey mouse shaped waffle that tasted same as any regular waffle, but still delicious. If you plan to have a meal at a restaurant, it would be nice to make an advance booking to avoid waiting in the queue.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, you can carry your own food too.

You will find shops filled with Disney themed toys, decors, souvenirs, costumes and lots of other stuff. We bought a Mickey Mouse for €22.5. You can expect to find cups ranging from €5 to €7 and show pieces ranging from €10 to €20.

Disneyland toy shop

Not to mention that you are going to find many rides here suitable for people of all ages. We took a boat ride that and a Pirates of Caribbean ride. You will be amazed by the precision and detailing on each doll and statue that makes them look so real.

Next, we went to the Walt Disney Studio. This is the place for you if you like thrilling and scary rides. We went took a Rock n Roll Roller Coaster ride and Elevator of Haunted Hotel. Both of them were scary as hell.

pirates of caribbean themed ride

Overall, a wonderful experience. If you want to explore Disneyland completely you will need more than one day. This place has got everything that you expect from a Disneyland. Definitely one of the best places in the world to visit.

We hope you enjoyed the post and found some useful information for your Disneyland trip. For more videos subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here or following this link.

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